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The PSIPS web site provides Sequence Listings, tables, and other mega items for granted US patents or published US patent applications.

All sequences (SEQ ID NOs.) and tables for listed patents or publications are available for viewing, without downloading, by accessing the proper document detail page and then submitting a SEQ ID NO or a mega table ID number. All viewable files are standard HTML which is rendered directly in the browser window.

The files for downloading are compressed using the .zip format, which is a common compression format. Numerous programs which can "unzip" these compressed files are available on the Internet, as both freeware and shareware, for download and installation. When you select a Sequence Listing, mega table, or other mega item for download a "save as" dialog box will appear allowing you to select where you want to store the file on your system.

Please visit the Patent and Trademark Document Formats and Viewers page for information on viewing various file types.

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