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Note: This site does not provide sequence search capability.

This page shows the previously chosen SEQ ID No(s). in a format suitable for copying and
pasting into a search engine of the user's choice. Nucleotide sequences are presented
with no spaces and merely double-clicking will select the entire sequence. Amino acid
sequences are presented with a single space between and the entire sequence may be
selected by placing the cursor at the beginning of the sequence, holding down the left
mouse button and dragging down a line. Note that there may be limits to the number of
bases/amino acids a search engine will accept.

A link to the home page of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) is
provided. NCBI is associated with the Department of Health and Human Services, National
Institutes of Health; the site provides various free search capabilities.


<210> SEQ ID NO 33915
<211> LENGTH: 863
<212> TYPE: RNA
<213> ORGANISM: Artificial Sequence
<220> FEATURE: 
<223> OTHER INFORMATION: Description of Artificial Sequence: Synthetic
      transcript sequence
<400> SEQUENCE: 33915


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